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Furnace Installations

It’s All in the Details

Nothing is more worrisome then a furnace making noises then it shouldn’t. The stress of going to bed warm and waking up cold is real and not only is a cold house bad you, but it’s bad for your house. A frozen pipe could do thousands of dollars worth of damage. Mountain Men Mechanical are here to solve any furnace problem that you have. Our experts can identify that culprit, find replacement parts and have that furnace running smooth again in no time. Or if your looking at upgrading into something more efficient, we can help with that too. Older furnaces have efficiencies of 70-80% so for every dollar you spend, you are literally throwing 20-30 cents out the window. We can replace that old furnace with something around the 95-97% mark, keeping those precious cents in your pocket where it belongs.

Furnace Installations: Services
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